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Default Two new talibons?

Hello All,

I recently aquired these two talibons and wanted to share them. I'll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves, but in particular I had one question about them: how old are they likely to be?

I tend to group talibons into two groups:

1) Late 19th/early 20th century ones, with the tripartite butt, thumb rest and often the eye on the scabbard, perhaps properly called "Garabs". These are a lot scarcer and usually significantly out of my price range.
Someday I will have one of these, but that day is not today.

2) WWII and latter. Often smaller, perhaps made "for those who travel." These are quite common, and well within my price range (maybe too much so, as the family photo will attest), and with very divergent forms.

If my thinking is incorrect in any of this please say so.

Regardless, these two here don't seem to neatly fall into either of these categories, and so they confuse me. Both match the overall profile of the first group better, but not quite. Neither has a thumb or an eye (though the bigger one does have a suspicious hole on the back of the scabbard).

I suspect the bigger one might be older, but I don't have anything solid to back that up.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,
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