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Originally Posted by Loedjoe
This cannot be a piso gading, as the hilt is silver/white metal, but perhaps this is an appropriate thread for it?

72 cm, blade 52 cm, hilt 8.5 cm. Light European? blade, perhaps more of a status piece than a fighting sword.

From the collection of the late Martin Kerner.

Should this be called a kalasan/djonap?

Hello Loedjoe,

I think this is the right thread for this beautiful sword, thank you for showing it. I think the blade is of local production, Batak, Aceh and Dayak had great blacksmiths.

In my opinion, the best Aceh-swords are far above European standard of the late 18th and 19th century. Thin, flexible and a cutting edge, hard as glass.

If you find signs of lamination on your blade but no specific pattern, it is almost 100% of local production.

Such a nice scabbard and hilt probably contain a good blade, so I would polish it a little bit to see what is below the corrosion.

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