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Originally Posted by kai
Hello Roland,

These are status swords that most likely saw ceremonial use only. From the looks of it, the blade may well be older than the already old fittings; maybe a user blade which got promoted to ceremonial use at one point?

The scabbard rings may well be silver. The mouth and foot pieces will have been done by the lost wax method - my best bet would be that the utilized alloy is closer to white brass rather than a low silver alloy though.


Hello Kai,

thank you for your explanation, that makes sense.

Yes, the scabbard rings are of a different material than the endings. The previous owner made a professional laboratory test and they had problems to define the material clearly but it definitely contains silver.

And it is always like christmas and birthday on one day if I see such a structure after days or weeks of hard manual work. In 2016 I had this wonderful moment at least five times.

Best wishes,
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