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Default Piso Gading

Dear Forummembers,

A happy new year and a Piso Gading from the Batak people in Sumatra.
The massive single edge blade is 55cm long (46cm blade only).
The fluted handle is cut from a massive piece of ivory.
The scabbard is silver decorated and has a nice and interesting brass chain. The piece of leather was added by me.

I received the blade in a badly corroded condition, it took weeks of hard work to bring it back to life.
It was very helpful that the blade was in untouched condition, so me was able to keep the original shape of the blade.

The steel is very worth a more detailed view. It is made from laminated steel with inserted cutting edge (San Mai construction), without a specific forging pattern.

The blade was differential hardened with a beautiful Hamon on both sides. On one side the Hamon (Temperline) is straight, while on the Hamon on other side follows almost exactly the inserted cutting edge.
A very beautiful and artistic solution.
The most exiting thing on this blade is that it has clear Nie-Crystals.
Nie-Crystals are a result of differential hardening and in Japan a sign of quality. The more crystals the better.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and everybody is welcome to comment this extraordinary beautiful sword.

Best wishes,
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