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Originally Posted by Spaffo
Here are a couple more, all from the Philippines, I think. I would like to know what part of the PI they are from.
The 1st one is easy to date. It has an incised aluminum handle with "Philippine Republic 1946".

The first is from Luzon, an early "tourist" knife IMVHO.
Second is a talibon from the Visayas, scabbard look more as one from a Black Sea yathagan. How long is the blade? Difficult to say how old but clearly used, wild guess first half of 20th century.
Third isn't from the Philippines, it's mainland SEA, Laos, North Thailand or Burma, maybe others can tell you more. It's a small dha hmyaung, I would prefer to call it enep (knife), what is the stuff on the scabbard?
Last is again a talibon, from around 1940. See here for a quite informative thread:

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