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I would like to get in and support this thread since digging around in my store the other day I found one ...Armed with camera and notebook I intend to show the weapon here in a day or two but initially here is what the Shamshiir is described as on Wikepedia;

Quote" A shamshir, shamsher, shamsheer or chimchir (from Persian: شمشیر‎‎ shamshir) is a type of sabre with a curve that is considered radical for a sword: 5 to 15 degrees from tip to tip. The name is derived from Persian: شمشیر‎‎ shamshīr, which means "sword" (in general). The radically curved sword family includes the shamshir, scimitar, Talwar, kilij, Pulwar and the sabre.

A Shamshir Shekargar (Persian: شَمشیر شکارگَر‎‎ shamshir-e shekârgar; literally, "hunters' sword" or "hunting sword") is the same as a shamshir, except the blade is engraved and decorated, usually with hunting scenes".Unquote.

For some fine work on the Shamshir subject please see;
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