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Hi Rick:

The only data I have is from the seller: OAL in the scabbard is 22 inches. The seller also thought it was from the Philippines, circa WWII, although there was no clear provenance linking it to the Philippines or to that period.

The absence of rattan bindings, or any binding for that matter, on the wooden scabbard would be unusual for a traditional Filipino knife of this size. I can't recall whether the other knife I owned had a scabbard that was glued or pinned together with small brads. Either way, not really typical Filipino work. The hilt and ferrule are unlike any Philippine knife I have seen. I should also mention that the hilt is not full tang, which would pretty much rule out Luzon.

The workmanship on each knife was considerably above average, and the scabbards have been well carved and finished carefully. There is no obvious suspension system for it to be worn around the waist, so presumably it was meant to be thrust through a sash or behind a belt.

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