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Hello Rand :-) - and thank you for the title :-).
I have tried as much as I could, although I have not studied/researched all the years I have collected, there have been times when I had to stop due to too much work.
I am really glad so many like the book, but on the other hand, I am afraid I will have to disappoint you. As I am not the one knowing all, I do have holes - of which I am not proud - but they are there.
To day I was reading some texts, which a museums curator had written about Indian weapons, and when reading the text, I thought, he cant mean that - impossible. But at the time, I had forgotten, that I concentrate on a relatively small area (far big enough for me), but he will have to have some knowledge over a much bigger area - so it is hardly fair to compair, when you take into consideration all the years I have used on my 'small' area.
None the less, I am really glad you like the book, and for your comments - thank you very much.

Hello Ian, yes now and again it pays to have a wife :-), especially when it comes to pre-Christmas gifts :-) - I do apperciate that she is looking so well after you :-).
I know you have many interests, and knowledge of weapons from many different areas, but I hope that you will like the book all the same.

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