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Originally Posted by Cerjak
Dear Tordenskiold
I m still not fully happy with the result but with the time it became better.
To have good picture the most important it is the lighting, and after a good lens
I m using a Sigma 17-50 1:2.8 or Canon 85 MM 1:2.8 .
Also you have to forget the program or auto mode and choose the manual mode so you can play with combination speed and diaphragm. Especially with a white background the exposure need some correction
About lighting if you dont have material you can always use the day lite and you will discover that at certain time of the day you can have a perfect light and you could also with days light add one studio lamps in order to remove the shadow if needed.
Inside picture are much more difficult and need a minimum of 3 lights and for small object the best is to use a tent ( you can make it easily with white textile ) it can be used also outside when the sun is too strong.
At last Photoshop is helpful to give the final touch.
I hope it will help you .

Thank you Cerjak! I have a lot of work to do get the quality you have on your photos ahead of me but I can see the work is well worth it. Good photos is a great way to present interesting and good antique weapons such as you do !! Glad to see that the attached literature reference above agrees with me that this is a sword for the foot :-)
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