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I think this is a late 16th century or ca 1600 sword for the foot. Possibly a Pikeman's sword. The grip and wire wrap is new. 16th Century grips and wire wraps are slightly different. Your grip and wire wrap is made after late 17th early 18th century style. The Turk heads could be original in my subjective opinion.

If you take a look at the attached photo, you will see similar "flat" swords at the bottom left in the photo. The difference is that the pommel on the swords attached is more egg shaped but also flat as yours with the same simple guard. The blades are longer and the hilts larger, thus making them more suitable for the horse. Armies often / sometimes used similar swords for the foot and horse, but the dimensions are different and fitted to what type of use the sword is intended for. Swords for the horse also tend to show a little better craftsmanship but not as a rule.

I really like how you manage to take your photos on clear white background in the same professional manner as auction houses.

How do you do it ? I am still a novice when it comes to photographing my own humble collection. Any advice on how to get your quality photos would be much appreciated. Set up, light setting, shadow, etc.
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