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Than you very much for the nice reviews, which have surprised me.

When I wanted to make a catalogue, it was meant for a few friends, myself and for the insurance firm, for documentation to prove that the weapos had been in my collection.
Later I was asked to print some for sale as well, and I found that 100 copies would be enough.
Should these 100 copies be sold, I dont know if I will print further copies, but if I do, they will look different, so no one will be in doubt which is the first and which is the second edition.

It was from the start clear to me, that a catalogue should have more than a few lines of text to every weapon, and it was also clear, that showing the whole weapon and the hilt was not enough - details should be shown, as only then the collector/reader can get an idea of the weapon.
You could ask, why this detail and not another one, and I cant give you a very good answer, but the details shown are details, which I find important. To this comes the number of pages, should there have been more details and longer texts, the book would have been very thick, or have to be divided into two volumes.

Ariel and Jersyman have asked for a 'key' to it all. I am afraid that I can't give you a 'key', and even if I could, it may make you more confused. You will have to study further yourself to find it. Like hands on, museums, private collections if possible, reading, miniatures and so on. I am sure you will see the light on the way of your journy, and should it not, you will have learned a lot more about Indian weapons and Indian history.

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