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yat finally arrived!

485 grams ex. scabbard, 27 in. blade, roughly 1.25 in. wide, 0.25 in. thick near bolster. blade has a shallow fuller both sides, turkish ribbon pattern welded, no pitting at all, some patination of the steel. tarnished black silver/(or pewter(?) decorated bolster missing a few bits, as is the strap covering the tang/scales joint, one 'ear' is cracked and loose, the ears appear to have some shallow rounded holes that may once have held gemstones or coral. the ears also have remnants of silver pebbled decoration. grip appears slightly offset to the right but feels like that is deliberate, the scales curve to fit the offset. it fits the scabbard fine & with no wobble. the scales look like they are a dark brown wood, possibly they were once all covered by the silver?

scabbard shows some stitching loss near the mouth and near the tip, where a few inches of wood are exposed, wood is a bit split but essentially intact to the tip. mouth has a decorated metal covering, mostly black now..

overall, it all needs a good clean & oiling & a bit of TLC. last photo shows it with my shorter bulgarian karakulak. all in all, i'm happy with the under 50 it cost me.

some hd pics from my galaxy phone:
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