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Great thread all...I have learned more about this style of weapon in one page of discussion than any number of books could have provided ( books on specialised subjects of weapons arent very available in this part of the world)... Library is the winner and great input from all is thus rewarded... ...Interesting note from Ariel on Nimcha .. There was a specific tribe of Baluchi called Nimcha. It gets little recognition and may not be related to the Nimcha Sword. Further we have a great note from Ariel on this word Nimcha that I already have a section relating to it on another thread...In fact, I have taken the liberty of cross referencing this additional information and I hope that is OK...see It could be that the word Nimcha is related to a conception that the wielders of this sword were half or newly converted to Islam and since they were potentially recruited for mercenary work on the Zanj... by the Omani Sultans that the word was borrowed to name the sword.. The Nimcha.
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