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To boot~ See where it states;

Quote"The Portuguese, Dutch and British armies were the most modern armies of Europe at the time. To fight the invader a modern army was raised, armed and equipped in the European manner''.Unquote.

Since the Vanguard of the Portuguese and Dutch were Spear Men it stands to reason the Sri Lankan Army would be armed with similar weaponry.

Moreover it also is reasonable to posit that when the two armies joined ranks against the Portuguese that similar tactics would be employed and the order of Battle would be very similar in weaponry.

In addition I fuse together my posts above using #16 #18 #19 #20 and this post as the basis in viewing what I think was a fusing together of weapons types and techniques at the time in an order-of-battle using Partisan form as the Vanguard spear in Dutch and Sri Lankan units. Of course I wasn't there so nothing is written in stone here... and all comments are welcomed
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