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What was the effect of Portuguese Dutch and English ships ...Battle Fleets off the coast of India and shortly after at Sri Lankla with regard to spear transfer of design and technology however basic in these weapons? I can follow to a certain extent some transfer of the European Partisan style spear but to be clear here is the backdrop of essential events that place questions on the time scale of the odd very unusual fact thrown in here for good measure which raise not a few questions....Bare in mind that in any vanguard move the Portuguese were sure to have spears in their order of Battle. Usually Partisan style. The Dutch had the same weapon and used it equally in their style of fighting with spear m,en to the fore...

1. The Portuguese. Vasco da Gama was on the Indian Coast(Malibar...Calicut) and went ashore 20 May 1498 and the first person he met was a Tunisian Moslem gentleman...!!!

2. Later they discovered Sri Lankla and went into battle mode from 1505 to 1658.
3. The Dutch took over from about 1640.
4. The British were relatively latecomers but entered the situation in 1796.

Are we saying that the Portuguese who had a very high military profile impacted no spear technology in almost a century and a half of battling the Sri Lankans? and that it was the Dutch who introduced the Partesan spear weapon to the Sri Lankans after 1640...?

What do we know about the meeting with the Tunisian and how does that alter the weapon potential of copied form from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean and Vice Versa?
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