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Originally Posted by Prasanna Weerakkody
Hi Marcus,

Just a note on the Kasthana you had posted. Based on my experience this seem to be a recent replica manufactured by a local "Antique Dealer" for sale to tourists. you can find many similar items on sale locally. The bronze/ Brass blades which are often riveted to a simple cast hilt which often include the guards as one piece is usually indicate modern replicas, the motifs area also not typically Sinhala in the detail.


The blade does not appear to be "bronze / brass" to me and would a tourist piece be made with a silver hilt?

The Kastane is the national sword of Sri-Lanka. It is characterized by its short curved blade, usually of mediocre quality and highly decorative hilt and scabbard. Here we have a good typical example with 14 inches curved blade. The silver hilt is of great decorative values A piece of art by itself. The monster styled quillons and the monster head pommel with all parts delicately chiseled and engraved with great care and fine details. Pink colored stone eyes. Total length 19 inches. Very good condition. Heavily patinated blade. No scabbard. A very decorative piece.
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