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Originally Posted by fernando
The Real Fabrica de Espadas was founded by Carlos III in 1761, in the old Toledo Coin Mint, much later than the date inscribed in this specimen ... which i still suggest it is a decorative item .

I totally agree this 'phantastic' sword seems flamboyant enough to be something decorative. But I wonder, the script with date, might that be something commemorative?
Recently I have been working on Masonic situations with various edged weapons, and it seems that in the case of the swords used by the 'tylers' as well as general members in rituals and ceremonies, were often rather flamboyant. Some to the point of 'fantasy' I suppose.

Is it possible this might be some ceremonial item from perhaps latter 19th century that might have been from the many military orders or fraternal groups either Masonic or associated?

These often bizarre pieces (often with skull and crossbones; hand type hilts; unusual and complex hilts with symbolic ornamentation etc) seem to be relatively unrecorded (in the supposed secrecy of these groups).

Aside from these, there are the cases of theatrical props, which were often produced to carry certain themes in the characters they were used by .

Just thoughts of possibilities,
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