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Originally Posted by Robert
That is a shame as it would have found a good home with lots of new friends. I have run into sellers before that have been told something outlandish about an item they have by a "so call expert" and there was absolutely no way possible to convince them otherwise. Even showing them published examples with the correct information about the item would not change their minds.

I've shown the seller also the pictures of the here shown other examples but like said don't get respond. It could be that Jose hit the bull's eye.
Here a part of the sellers description: You are bidding on a one of a kind custom made 1890's Gun Handled Boot Knife with its custom made leather sheath. It is absolutely perfect in every way. I was told by the person that I purchased the knife from that this knife was purchased many years ago from the great grandson of the maker of the knife - a blacksmith from San Antonio, Texas. The knife measures 8 1/8 inches long by 4 1/8 inches wide, and the blade is 1/4 inch at its widest point. The blade is accented with a simplistic geometric design. The handles are made of mother-of-pearl.
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