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Default Oh well indeed

As much as I appreciate the suggestions to go for another nice bottle of Scotch over this kris (I'm not a fan of bourbon), I am not the sort of person who would reverse a deal based on third party advice given after the fact. I received the kris yesterday. The pictures are accurate, even though the description/attribution may not be correct. I don't think my own pictures would add much.

My understanding is that it is not really legitimate to refer to this as a "Naga kris" based on the crude quality of the carving, the fact that it is restricted to the outside surface of the dagu, and of course that the blade is straight not wavy. Also, I understand that the scabbard is not typical of Bali. Is it Madurese or possibly from Lombok?

Clearly, I am not a kris specialist so I could also use help with some of the terminology, specifically Mr. Maisey's statement "Marcus' wrongko is almost certainly sono".

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