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A Miami-Dade County man, Angel Luis Velazquez, who was fishing at the Torch Ramrod Channel bridge in the Keys was arrested by Deputy Donald Stullken for having a gutted and beheaded shark inside his cooler.Florida state law "prohibits anyone in or on state waters from possessing a shark that has been beheaded, filleted, or finned."
He was arrested and charged with a 2nd degree misdemeanor under Florida Administrative Code 68B-44.004, then booked and jailed.At this time it can not be confirmed as to whether the ACLU would sue Mr. Velazquez for civil liability on behalf of the dead shark's next of kin.It appears it is now legal for sharks to eat humans, but people can not eat sharks.
If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might see the ban on ivory, wood, fishing, taking away our second amendment rights, freedom of speech, etc. by the government as a slowly tightening haul seine net, who we, like the fish, don't realize that we have lost our freedoms until we are boxed and iced......but that would be crazy, right ?
The original article was by Michael Stern,
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