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This cavalry officers M1822 pattern was in use an incredibly long time, and was officially taken out of service in 1896. In 1912 the full bowl type officers swords for cavalry became regulation pattern.
However, officers had of course greater latitude in choice of weapons, and the larger 1912 hilt was a saddle mount sword, so for dress or parade these three bar hilts remained in use well into the 20th century.

The 1910 date seems reasonable, however I am puzzled by the stark nature of the forte marking. Usually Wilkinson swords had the surround and flourish with note of appointment as official makers to the monarch of the time.
Edward VII died in 1910, with George V becoming king that year, but does not seem that would cause departure from normal marking practice .

I don't have my references on British swords with me presently, so hopefully others can say more. I personally suspect this is a more modern production, and surprised the usual serialization is not present as well as more embellished blade motif.
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