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Hello Detlef, I am very happy that you are pleased with the way that this has turned out. I just wish that the original scabbard could have been saved as well, but the wood rot was much too extensive to even attempt a restoration. When being handled the scabbard would actually start to crumble when touched in many areas. There is a small spot of this rot on the hilt (the dark spot) that I was able to stabilize so that no reprofiling of the wood of the hilt would be necessary.

Steve, Thank you for your kind words on the restoration work. The scabbard is made of wood salvaged from a couple of old talibong scabbards that were in themselves far too damaged to repair. I am not sure of what the correct name for this wood is, but it looks and has the grain pattern and characteristics of some of the mahoganies that I have worked with before.

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