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Originally Posted by Helleri
Ah okay thanks for that. Also...One thing I have notice in images is that most wedge riveted I see is used on flattened rings. Whereas most round riveted is used on substantially thicker and usually round rings. Is this just confirmation bias or is this normal? and if normal is there a reasoning we know of behind it?

In Europe wedge riveted mail could be round links or flattened, I think it depended on the time period and region of origin etc. below is an example of European round link, wedge riveted mail, you can actually see a wedge shaped rivet in which the rivet head was not peened properly causing the link to fail.

As for round riveted mail some links are thick, some are actually quite slender. I think that the use of the armor had a lot to do with how thick the mail was. A mail shirt made for light calvery would have been made from lighter links than a mail shirt made for someone who would be in heavy hand to hand fighting, just my opinion. Some Indo-Persian round riveted mail is made from flattened links as well as round links, there is a lot of variation. I have two pinterest links here one for European mail and one for Indo-Persian mail, you can see a huge variety of mail types with some good detailed images.
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