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Originally Posted by Helleri
Isn't Indo-Persain maille usually bar-link?
Bar link or theta link mail is a rather rare varient. It is composed of alternating rows of round riveted links and theta links, which are basically a solid link with a small bar of metal welded across the link. The most common type of mail used in Indo-Persian mail is alternating rows of solid links and round riveted links, although there are a few examples of all round riveted mail and even some examples of wedge riveted mail. Theta link mail would have been very time consuming to make and expensive making it suitable for wealty individuals only.

Below are some images of theta links from an Indian example and a report from the Royal Armouries. Notice the extreme small size of the individual links, making it next to impossible for even an arrow head to pass through.

Indian mail coif / ‘khula zirah’ from the 18th century, purportedly from the Bikaneer Armoury, made from rows of theta (Θ) links and alternated with rows of fine round riveted links. Very long in comparison to any other coifs from India, with a large opening for the face (which would originally had a long chain mail flap for full protection).
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