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Originally Posted by mahratt
Baluch in Oman, and Baloch in Sindh, it seems to me - two big differences ...

No, you are mistaken.
Baluchis in Oman are from Baluchistan and Sindh.
There were long-standing connections between the two and, as I have already mentioned, part of Baluchistan ( current Pakistan) used to belong to Oman until ~ 50-60 years ago.
Most Baluchis in Oman came there relatively recently, with the discovery of oil ( within the past 70-80 years), and of course brought with them their heirlooms and traditions.

You can say that I am mistaken as much as you want, but I at least have some facts and opinions of rather respectable people on my side:-)

I am not going to argue with you any more.

I am awaiting information from knowledgeable sources.
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