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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey
I have a distinct problem with this keris.

If we consider the component parts we have a wewer that is very definitely Balinese and from post 1960.

The sarung is a Balinese style, executed in what appears to be sono wood and I can see no indication at all that it is not of Balinese manufacture.

The danganan is a Balinese style, but of comparatively recent manufacture, it may be Balinese, it may be a Madurese or Javanese copy, from the photo I cannot tell.

The blade is a real puzzle. It is most definitely not a Balinese style, nor does the material have the characteristics of a Balinese blade, the finish of the surface is not typically Balinese, the manner in which the material has been welded is not typically Balinese, the pawakan is not typically Balinese, the carving at the gandhik is not typically Balinese.

What makes this problem more difficult still is that nothing about this blade is typical of Madura blades made after 1980.

Nor does it give the impression of Javanese workmanship.

I believe we can confidently eliminate all other keris bearing societies as a possible source, with one exception: Lombok.

Lombok is well known for some very peculiar keris, and this one is indeed very peculiar.

I am not saying that this keris is Lombok, but I do think that Lombok is a more likely place of origin than any other.

Hello Alan,
The sarung and danganan can easily have been made in Java or Madura I think, and the wood looks to have been dyed. I attach the pics of an original kojongan sarung from Lombok for comparison.
Regarding the blade, I have a rather similar naga blade in balinese style but which I attributed to Madura, what do you think? (sorry for the pics quality).
Can anybody confirm that there were some active kris makers active in Lombok during the recent years or decades? (I personally don't know but never heard that it was the case).
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