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Hi Estcrh.
WOW!! What a difference !!! Great job. That process really does work. Yes, another application would be worth a try. Would be interesting to see if a second application takes any more off.

Another method I found very effective for removing loose, red rust is glass bead blasting (not sand blasting). You can set the air gun to very slow speed and remove as little or as much as you want. And it does so without removing the original patina.

However, in the case of this Hauberk, with the small links close together, I would think that your electrolysis method would be easier and more effective. And it appears so. Again, great job.

It still amazes me how long the Caucasions/Circasions continued to use mail armour. At least according to photographic evidence, all the up to the 1870/80's.

Again, a really nice addition to your collection.

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