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Originally Posted by Robert
Hello Detlef, For this style of gunong this one has the most well made blade I have yet to see. With the cutting edges being what I would describe as "hollow ground" it has a very pronounced medial ridge somewhat like those seen on a lot of the pieces from Africa. It is unfortunate that these photos do not give justice to this feature, but I will try to take some that will just as soon as the rain stops long enough for me to do so. This will make a wonderful addition to your ever growing collection of beautiful gunongs. Congratulations my friend on this great score that you have made. Once you have this in hand you will see how unique this blade really is. In the meantime, here is a poor quality photo that at least gives a little better idea of how pronounced the blade's medial ridge actually is.


Hello Robert,

thank you for your kind words and help, like you know it was a neglected piece and poorly photographed by the seller. I am more as happy with the outcome after you have given it some maintenance. And like all others I am not aware to have seen such a shape by gunong blades before.

Best regards,
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