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Originally Posted by mariusgmioc
Being lavishly and elaborately decorated doesn't prevent it from being an excellent fighting weapon. It might have simply been comissioned for a high ranking local leader or was intended as a present for an important person. Let's not forget that the Shashka is also part of the national attire in the Caucasus area and is considered a status symbol.

Anyhow, the workmanship of the blade appears to qualify this one as an excellent cutting blade.

But I guess it is quite important to know if the blade has a sharp cutting edge or not as, this may be quite important in establishing its purpose.
This is an arguement that comes up from time to time. I have seen many highly decorated weapons and armor which would serve the exact same purpose as plain examples. Rich and powerful men were expected to have much more elaborate arms, I think you have to judge each example individually.
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