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Originally Posted by ariel
Nothing in hand-made weapons is 100% standard. Just a personal feeling. The same is true about the dating.
It is an unquestionable late caucasian shashka, and way too luxurious to be made for fighting. More of an "artistic" grade.

Being lavishly and elaborately decorated doesn't prevent it from being an excellent fighting weapon. It might have simply been comissioned for a high ranking local leader or was intended as a present for an important person. Let's not forget that the Shashka is also part of the national attire in the Caucasus area and is considered a status symbol.

Anyhow, the workmanship of the blade appears to qualify this one as an excellent cutting blade.

But I guess it is quite important to know if the blade has a sharp cutting edge or not as, this may be quite important in establishing its purpose.
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