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The mother of pearl and 'silver' wire 'Ottoman' pistols are ubiquitous in Greek 'antique' and souvenir shops (see pic). I expect a lot of the weathering on some examples is due to being displayed outdoors, for years, in rathe haphazard conditions... I wonder if they're Turkish-made?

As for Morocco and Afghanistan: in both Chicken Street and the suqs in Marrakesh and Fez, you can see various examples of highly-decorated muskets and pistols, often composed of new barrels and locks (and silverwork/mother of pearl) attached to seemingly old and well-worn stocks- upcycling, if you will.

I was tempted, in Kabul, to commission jezail-type decoration onto a new Martini-Henry just for an odd wallhanger, but I'd never get it back into the UK
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