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Oh you found my article on the Thannenberg handgonne on our webpage. I am really not sure which data are the correct ones or at least which will be the most reliable. Normally thinking they should be from Germanisches Nationalmuseum, but it may be possible that the Museum has not re examined the gonne for the data posted on their homepage. So they have not specified where the data for the caliber has been taken (at the nozzel or on the narrowes point right before the chamber?). Many of the differing measurements mentioned in several scientific articles may result from an incorrect conversion of pre metric lenght units stated in the first publication from Hefner, Wolf (1850). Actually the detailed shape and measures of the flight and chamber are still not demermined. Peter Dannecker and Joachim von Wlassaty tried to clarify the data with the Museum in 1980, but without success - and it is still unclear.
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