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Originally Posted by Bruno
Also the pommel lobes are quite crude if compared to examples that can be seen on the web, being photographed in well known institutions.

I agree with this... there are some other subtle details that individually might count for little, but taken together the overall result seems just slightly "off".

Comparing with known examples of type-K, I can't find a single one where the tang has the convex outline seen here. The tang usually tapers evenly, or has slightly concave sides. The fuller also seems to extend into the tang for an unusual extent?

The shape of the guard is also a-typical at best... a more rectangular shape is expected, whereas the oval shape seen here is more usual of other types (H, V, ...).

The sword shares some of these features with another dubious (in my mind) type-K sold at auction. A456 in the Wallace Collection shows the "correct" details. The pommel in particular is similar to the sword under discussion, but much superior in execution as Bruno has pointed out.
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