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As Ibrahiim has well described, these crescent moons were characteristic pairings used primarily by Hausa smiths in many examples of their blades across Saharan and Sudanese regions. These triple fullered blades are referred to as 'masri' and were native produced in considerable volumes.
While most are of course tempted to presume the 'romantic' notion of these being brought back from the battlefields in the Sudan (a good number were), the truth is that 'producing' souveniers became a notable cottage industry bringing the volume of these 'bringbacks' to staggering proportions.

These were actually produced in volume well into the 20th century and remained traditional accoutrements sought as souveniers in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.

It must be remembered that ethnographic arms such as these remain distinct examples of the profound tradition behind them. In the Sudan the native people recall Omdurman and the Mahdist period clearly and hold these weapons in the same esteem as then.
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