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Default viking sword

hello roland,
thank you for these information,
i was looking for some other exampels from viking swords and there are a lot of swords where i could see very clear the damascus pattern through the rust ore through the patina.
also at the angle you could see the pattern and there i know it is an old sword, i will try it to proof these blade with x-ray, iīm curious about the result.
roland, i donīt think that evey sword was made from damascus or pattern welded steel. i believe that also mono- steel was used to make such swords. in the gisli saga i could read that one warrior used at the fight not his damascus steel sword because he loose the steath and so he wouldnīt like wear it outside the house.....and in the fight he must used his simple steel( iron) sword and after some beats it was bent and he must everytime bent it back with his feet...,
thank you again,
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