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Smile A Bali (or Lombok) Keris for comment

Hello all,

I recently acquired this keris from epray for a reasonable price, and wanted to see what the experts here thought. Attached photos are from the seller, as I've been waiting for a good day to take photos, but December in Minnesota has not been cooperating.

I *think* the parmor is uler lulut, the Ukiran is in the Loncengan style, and is paired with a Kajongan wrongko. The gandik is rather long to my eye.

The seller said it was 19th century, but I trust the epray sellers about as far as I can throw them (less far actually, as I practice silat ), so I was hoping the experts here might offer an opinion. It looks like it might have some age to my eye, but I'm a rank amateur on the subject. The seller also thought the gems in the uwer might be rubies; my earlier comments on trust and throwing are relevant here as well.

As I said above, the pics are from the seller, and some rust is visible in these pics. It has been taken care of, I also cleaned up the uwer a bit. I think the Keris is a lot happier now.

As I said, I'm a rank amateur, so forgive me if I misapply any of the terminology above. All comments are welcome, and I'm eager to learn.

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