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Hey Steve!
I have a similar far as the blade goes ! I've seen a kris with a very similar hilt before, but like Federico, I agree that it was reworked or a weird horsehoof variant. I'll dig through my photo archive to see if I find a similar pommel on a kris or other weapon. It may have an origin other than being Moro. I've seen this hilt before also on other weapons, but I can't recollect on what kind.

As for the wrap, it looks ok. I would have stuck with plain black. Here's pics of my kris for comparison. It has a rather large kakatua pommel. I got this a few years ago without any hilt wrap. I rewrapped it using cotton twine that I dyed black and wrapped it in a pattern following another kris hilt of mine as a guide. It wasn't hard to do.

Nice kris.
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