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Hard to tell from the pics, almost looks lumad in the older thread, but cant tell (from the pics) if it is just a horse hoof variant or not (or a re-worked nob hilt). Definitely looks to be some modification on the hilt on the old pics (I wouldnt be surprised if it went through at least a couple hilt re-wraps). Most pommels are attached as a secondary piece to the hilt, when you were re-wrapping did you see if it was one piece with the hilt or socketed in? Seems like Im just bringing more questions vs answers.

Anyways, if you want to get rid of the red wrap, you can always use thin cotton twine and either lacquer it black or I suppose if you really want red dye it more spottedly ( that even a word) to match. The multi sectional wraps arent too difficult to do.
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