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The next group I illustrate are mostly examples from the Nepalese Armoury at the Royal Palace of Lagan Silikana , Kathmandu. I am sure most people are aware of the 2003 deal which freed up around 14,000 kukris for sale to Western collectors. (although some estimate that as many as 25,000 kukris were included in the deal)

The bulk of these pieces varied in date from the 1860ís through until the 1940ís. The opportunity to study such a giant sample was taken up by several, most notably Dr Benjamin Judkins, who has written various excellent articles on the subject.

For the purposes of this thread I illustrate a small sample, which shows the process of the traditional handmade pieces, through to the beginnings of mechanisation. These are all military in origin, and carry various regimental markings to the spine, in some cases such pieces had a service life of several decades.
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