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So beautifully worded Ulfberth! and indeed, it is the sum of his work that will stand as his hallmark, here and in the world of arms and armour.

When we began this forum, it was his entry which became a driving force as he tirelessly added incredible art work and showed and compared his amazing collections, a virtual museum of the earliest firearms and ordnance.
In that time, he gave us so much, and helped us all learn on these often very obscure and amazingly important arms. He was very much the quintessence of what this forum is all about.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of this magnificent scholar, and I will always be grateful for his kind friendship, and wonderful sharing.

I wish I could find an appropriate note or image or quote which would stand to represent him in this time of sadness, but it would be impossible as he was the master of so much and so comprehensive.

The terrible suffering he endured in recent times, and in many cases may have clouded perceptions of the man who loved and helped build this forum, is now done, and may he rest in peace. He will not ever be forgotten.
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