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Originally Posted by Jean
I agree with Alan and would see another incentive to free the hilt as the pendokok is a Bugis cup so not suitable IMO? (other opinions are welcome). Nice kris indeed and probably from Sumatra Riau, the scabbard looks more recent than the blade. And a typical case of "to clean or not to clean the blade?".

Frankly i am not so concerned with the pendokok itself. As i stated, it fits very nicely to the hilt when pushed up to it and i feel fairly certain that it has been with this blade for a long time and was probably placed there by a user rather than a collector. But then, we will never know really, will we? Sometimes i think we collectors get just a bit too anxious to change the keris we collect to some imagined ideal perfection that may have never existed when the blade was in use in the culture. Certainly there was a certain acceptable level of cross-cultural exchange of keris parts throughout history. The pendokok fits and looks attractive to my eye so i would need a bit more convincing to feel obligated to change it out. :-)
On the "to clean or not" question, as i stated before i have already attended to the rust. The blade is fairly clean and smooth at the moment, but seems to have this mottled appearance because of the remnants of an old staining. There is no pamor pattern in this blade so i'm not really in a rush to re-stain it.
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