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Yeah, we can often see more in a good close-up than we do with the thing in front of us. I don't really understand this.

David, I would not hesitate to apply heat to the blade base to remove this hilt.

We do not know how it is fixed, but whatever it is it will let go with heat.

The main thing is that we do not hurry:- hold the hilt and that way you know if there is too much heat building up in it. Hold the blade not too far from the heated area and that also gives an indication of heat buildup.
I normally use a propane torch, bushy flame, pass the blade base and first maybe 4 inches back and forth through the flame. A candle also works well.
Keep trying to move the hilt by not too strong twisting.
If you control the heat you will not damage the hilt.

The main danger to my mind is that if the hilt is rusted in place, you may break the pesi, and although this can be fixed easily, its not something that most of us ever want to have to do.

Pretty nice keris.
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