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Default Keris Panjang

Well, many of you probably notice that i don't post too many keris from my personal collection here. Not the blades at least. I tend to think of them as my children and just as an over protective parent, i suppose, i worry about where photos of them might end up once they are displayed on the world wide web. However, since i did just recently reveal this beauty elsewhere on the web it seemed wrong of me to not show it here amongst friends.
This is my one and only keris panjang. From the horn hilt i am guessing Sumatra as an origin though i am open to other ideas. The brass pendokok actually fits better than the photos reveal. Someone fixed this hilt to the pesi and didn't set it properly so it rides up too high creating a gap with some play between the hilt and sheath. But when push up to the base of the hilt it fits rather nicely. I would love to remove the hilt and re-seat it, but i worry about the fragility of the horn hilt in that process so i am hesitant to take any action there for the moment.
The top sheath has a beautiful sun ray pattern with flashing grain and the stem, i believe, is black ebony with bands of silver.
The blade has nice double fullers that extend the entire 58cm (almost 23 in.) length.
All in all i believe this keris presents itself as an elegant ensemble. If anyone can add any pertinent information to my description it would be much appreciated. I hope you enjoy the images.
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