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Hi Cathey,
Sure am glad to see you back! as I would like to see this thread continue. These amazing swords are wonderful to see here as they offer so much opportunity to learn more on them.
This latest addition of a mid 18th century dragoon sword is a great example, and with the mysterious oval aperture in the hilt which has been the subject of considerable debate. I am inclined to agree with A. Darling in its most probable purpose to hold reins while handling the pistol in the other hand .

As always, I am drawn to the blades and markings, and this backsword has the inlaid brass (latten) anchor, but curiously situated almost off center near the fuller. As noted in the previous example (post #179) the anchor is seen situated at the terminus of fullers (very much in earlier Spanish styles adopted in Solingen in 17th century). Clearly that offers compelling suggestion the blade is from that century .

In the case of this sword, I am wondering if perhaps this is a backsword blade from a 'mortuary' type sword of mid 17th c. and possibly from the Hounslow factory. It is of course pure speculation at this point, but these German smiths used markings of their Solingen counterparts and often inlaid in latten, most notably the 'running wolf'.
Is it possible this blade could be of such provenance? Its curious position and placement seem to indicate such possibility, however it is known that German blades were brought in later at the turn of the century. Perhaps then this 'anchored' blade could be of that origin?
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