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Just found this tid-bit of info on where the name Bartolome came from, it is named after Saint Bartholomew[same as Bartolome], which happened to be the patron Saint of Malabon(town located just north of Manila next to Caloocan). The Katipuneros of Malabon idolized the image because San Bartolome wielded a sword. But the sword he carries is not wavy. The image posted is from San Bartolome Church in Malabon City. This church was not destroyed during WWII, so I would believe this is the very statue that the Katipuneros looked at.

This is also information on the province of Pampangas town festivals, specifically Magalang.
16. SAN BARTOLOME APOSTOL (MAGALANG) Feast August 24; Preached in Asia Minor, northern India and martyred in Armenia where he was flayed alive and then beheaded-the basis for his patronage of tanners. A local knife called sangbartolome is named after him.

Daily Lives of Civilians in Wartime Asia: From the Taiping Rebellion to the Vietnam War (2007)
Author: Stewart Lone
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