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Hello Nik,

I'm with Detlef, unfortunately. One can guess which blade types apparently were used for inspiration of sorts - none of the fittings comes close to traditional designs though (despite quite some efforts going into carving these).

I don't have much hopes for the blades but close-ups may help to verify. Almost certainly post-WW2, probably considerably later.

There is also a thriving local pimp-up industry (probably located in the Medan area) which often seems to utilise/modify vintage or even antique blades and adds artificially aged high-status fittings for a better selling margin.
Some of these can be quite convincing...

Having said that, Batak pieces are among the oldest "reproductions" available with some of these pieces (solely produced for sale outside the original culture, i. e. the colonial curio market) already having attained genuine antique status themselves. Acquiring Batak tribal art is a real quagmire and it helps to be kinda paranoid!

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