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Originally Posted by Cathey
Hi Jasper and Ulfberth

Thanks for the example of what does appear to be the same mark on the ricasso, pity we cannot establish who the mark belonged to. I am still trying to decide what the marks lower down on the blade itself might be. The middle one looks almost like a scimitar sword, however I think the longer I stare at it the less I know what is.

Cheers Cathey and Rex

Hi Cathey,

Of the marks on the ricasso the one in the mid looks exactly the same,
the one above and below are different or put on from a different angle, horizontal vs upright.

Of the marks on the half of the blade the one in de mid looks like yours, however I can not identify for sure the mark on your blade.
What I am sure of is that the blade in the basket hilt is not shortened, because it is also 1,2 CM more narrow at the ricasso.
I believe that blade was made at this dimensions from the beginning and these dimensions are correct for a basket hilt :
Blade length: 87 cm
Blade widest point: 3.3 cm

One and a half hand sword
Blade length: 106 cm
Blade widest point: 4.5 cm

kind regards

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