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Default Scottish Basket hilted Broad Sword

Type of Weapon: Scottish Basket hilted Broad Sword
Date: Circa 1730 (18th Century)
Overall Length: 101.6 cm (40 inches)
Blade length: 87 cm (34.3 inches)
Blade widest point: 3.3 cm (1.3 inches)
Hilt widest point: 11.5 cm
Inside grip length: 9.6 cm
Marks, etc.: Numerous marks to blade shoulder and in both fullers havenít identified any of them as yet.

Basket Hilt-Scottish-c1730-Broad Sword: - Thick steel basket Hilt has typical heart and circle decoration made of thick flat bars, no wrist guard. Blade length is pitted and has dark patina, numerous marks visible on blade shoulder and both fullers, probably German. The fuller runs almost the entire length of the blade. The blade may predate the hilt however they appear to have been together for very long time.

Cheers Cathey and Rex
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