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Hi Bandook.
WOW!!! That's a monster!! LOL!!! Where on Earth did you find it??? Yes, designed to look like a Sind wall gun of some sort. LOL It's great.
At first, I thought of the possibility this might be a Victorian Era copy, which were assembled from a combination of old and new parts. And often, the barrels were highly exaggerated just for effect. But, as mentioned above, the stock and brass work look to new for even a Victorian copy.
A couple of tests if you would: 1) Run a dowel, rod, or piece of wire down the barrel and see if it goes all the way to the end of the breech? 2) Is there a vent hole at the breech of the barrel that meets the pan?
The lock looks original. The hammer is shaped like the trade locks of the early 19th Century. The barrel: I have no idea?? But it is sure cool looking. It looks like a 20th Century build of some kind. Sure is decorative looking. If I owned the barrel I might have a hard time not building something around it. LOL
But let me know what you find with the barrel. And thanks for Posting!!!!
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