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Definitely a very nice blade! Apparently Clemens Dinger (the elder) worked in Solingen 1590-1620 and then listed (according to Bezdek p134) in Toledo from 1620-1677. There is another listed among the numerous members of this family as Clemens Dinger zu Wirsberg 1640-45 (not sure what the 'zu' means).
Whatever the case this blade of course probably aligns with earlier blades by the elder as the 1627 date was set as noted by the battle in Poland that year.

I am curious, in the name stamp, why are the 'N's backward (as in the Cyrillic letter 'I') ? Is this some sort of artistic license or deliberately set trademark? In many cases other letters as in Spanish names, inscriptions have uncharacteristic 'E's and other substitutions in various cases.

The swan stamp apparently survived in non 'Dinger' blades well through the 18th century as found in smallswords among other town marks and hallmarks (Dean, 1929). As always curious on other use of the swan markings.
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